Sustainability and growth work together as any organization’s main functions and concerns in the long run. But how can you get there? For starters, marketing automation software is the gateway to creating brand awareness through communication, generating sales, and ensuring client retention and loyalty.

But naturally, as software evolves, complications inevitably follow. The marketing automation industry is no exception. Especially when it comes to innovative products like Marketo, things grow at such a fast pace that non tech-oriented team members can easily become overwhelmed and unproductive, dragging down the whole operation. In this post, we’ll look at what sorts of challenges enterprises are facing today, and how organizations can rise to meet them.

Challenging Complexities

All levels of technology have associated learning curves. Yet it isn’t realistic to expect your marketing team to be on-par with your IT team whenever they’re on a computer or using software. Working with unfamiliar tools often leads to errors and delays—potentially even campaign-ending in significance!

One immediate reply to this challenge is training. But consider the implications here at your own enterprise; how much time would be needed to train the entire Marketing team to the same level, and then to keep them there? How many members of your team would be spending their days doing program design, setup, configuration, and troubleshooting rather than creating and pushing campaigns? How much revenue is your company passing up and how much profit is draining while your team struggles to implement a single campaign?

Complexities are adding friction and slowing things down. And even if you train them, some members of your team just won’t be able to use marketing automation with enough autonomy to drive a tool like Marketo by themselves. In order to solve these complexities and still fully utilize the power of marketing automation, we designed Jeto, an app that allows you to more efficiently scale by making it easier for you to adopt key marketing platforms—like Marketo—across your organization. Jeto helps you increase profitability and grow your organization by making it easier to implement and execute your marketing automation operations.

“Complexities are adding friction and slowing things down And even if you train them, some members of your team just won’t be able to use marketing automation with enough autonomy to drive a tool like Marketo by themselves.”

What Is Jeto?

Orchestrate have recently teamed up with Canadian Marketo powerhouse, Perkuto to offer Jeto in the New Zealand market. A web-based form-to-campaign application, Jeto helps marketing teams by allowing virtually anyone to create and launch campaigns, without the risks associated with inviting “just anyone” to start poking their fingers around in your Marketo software.

With its simple user interface and structured validation workflow, Jeto empowers even non-technical team members to produce and execute marketing campaigns, without requiring intimate knowledge of your marketing automation software. Because Jeto works via the Marketo API in real time, your business can enjoy a streamlined workflow and more campaigns, delivered faster, without the time or cost typically associated with training a new batch of folks on your marketing automation platform.

Jeto is particularly effective in global enterprise organizations or small or medium-sized businesses with independent teams and which require multi-level marketing and communication both within and outside the organization.

It allows organizations to save valuable time and costs by enabling true autonomy for product marketing teams, regional marketing teams, and any other autonomous business components to drive their own marketing campaigns and programs—without any risk to your branding or Marketo instance.

How Jeto Assists with Martech Adoption

Giving simple tools to your team is essential for adoption. With Marketo, things that could only be done by IT a couple years ago can now be done by marketing technologists. And with Jeto deploying large marketing programs, things previously reserved for Marketo experts can now be done by everyone!

It sounds exciting to have more people launch campaigns but you certainly don’t want to let them go freestyle. Martech adoptions should come with best practices and enforce rigorous processes for compliance, data management, tracking, brand alignment, etc. Simplicity should not be a trade-off for delivering great experiences, but rather enforce these processes.

Therefore, Jeto allows administrators to enforce existing processes all while opening a simple access window for collaborators to gain autonomy and do their thing.

What Jeto Offers

Jeto has a lot to offer marketers and marketing teams, including:

Easy to use—its simplified user interface means even non-technical users can launch beautiful campaigns.
No risk—users can build and execute Marketo campaigns without ever setting foot in Marketo.
Expanded marketing opportunities—foolproof interface allows for co-marketing and reseller programs and more.
Not sold yet? Check out some of the benefits:

Launch more campaigns and increase sales—because anyone can launch campaigns effortlessly, you can expand campaign duties outside of your core marketing team and watch the business grow.
Reduce bottleneck and speed up marketing operations—because your MOPS team will have less people to train and less manual work to do.
Implement with full confidence—because you can fully control which campaigns will be created and how they’ll be created.

The Bottom Line

Marketing teams need the time to focus on what you do best: engage, market, generate revenue, and retain clients. With Jeto, marketing teams will be able to spend less time worrying about the administration and technicalities, and more time being creative and generating revenue. It’s a win-win!

Empower your marketers to launch perfect campaigns—learn how Jeto drives productivity.

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