Scale, transparency and collaboration

Kea New Zealand was founded in 2001 to connect and engage our global people for the benefit of Aotearoa New Zealand. Almost two decades on, Kea nurtures a vibrant and diverse community who share a strong passion for New Zealand and the success of its people and businesses.

With over 100,000 members and 500 world class New Zealanders, Kea’s mission is to connect global New Zealanders through content and systems and provide the tools and advice needed to personalise solutions and improve business outcomes.

As a global non-profit organisation servicing global Kiwi’s, we take our mission very seriously, explained Matt Monk, Communications Director Kea New Zealand.

“At Kea we are the experts at leveraging high impact Kiwi’s offshore for the purpose of growing NZ businesses.” 

To deliver on the goal of segmenting their audience by topic interest, improving the relevancy of communications and nurturing their audience to membership status, Kea sought a relationship with a partner who could provide strategic advice and marketing automation skills. In mid 2017, CEO, Craig Donaldson made the call to collaborate with RDG now Orchestrate on a variety of services, from collaborating with the internal communications team to develop a content marketing strategy and plan to Marketo Engage consultation and implementation.

Challenge: To implement Marketo Engage to enable a small team to scale communications efforts and drive new membership acquistion

The team’s key performance measures included an increase to the local SME membership, scale communications, and increase member and expat engagement with marketing communications.

To achieve these objectives, the Kea team developed an audience-first strategy and invested in the Marketing Automation power of Marketo Engage to enable increased content distribution across their membership. Distributing a robust content strategy across a very large and diverse unsegmented or profiled database required a well planned implementation, and the complexity of that work led Kea to seek out experts to lend a hand.

Approach: a foundation built on collaboration

Our team began by developing a deep understanding of the Kea Community, it’s members, world class New Zealanders, organisational goals and marketing goals. 


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