Brewing world class beer made easy

We helped WilliamsWarn, generate demand bringing leads through the funnel to feed the newly developed eCommerce channel.


WilliamsWarn is a innovative New Zealand success story, a growing start-up that enables anyone to brew cold, perfectly carbonated, clear, professional quality beer made in just 7 days, like a modern brewery. It’s team are passionate about making brewing easy.

The Challenge: To drive consumer sales direct to their newly launched online channel.

The company had a heavy reliance on its retail partners to drive sales and manage the customer relationship. With a small local direct database of customers who had discovered the brand direct they needed to raise awareness for the brand at the top of the funnel, and put best practices in place to qualify those leads, moving them through the pathway to purchase.

Approach: lead management from demand to transaction

Having already built and developed an eCommerce platform, we had switched our attention to a 90 day Marketo Engage implementation. A content strategy had been developed and activated.

During the upfront discover stages we meet with the team to develop a lead-scoring model to help organise prospects in the pipeline and improve sales conversion. To facilitate the process, we organised a lead-scoring workshop with both the sales and marketing teams, so everyone could collaborate and gain buy-in for creating the ideal scoring model.

One of our key objectives was to implement a lead-management process that had accountability built in. Accordingly, we built a lead-management schematic that outlines a revenue cycle map. Here, anonymous visitors immediately became leads, marketing qualified leads, then opportunities, and ultimately, customers. This formed the process for sales to support after the handoff from marketing.

Along with demographic scoring, each potential interaction across social, keywords, webpages, product views, email, landing page and content downloads were scored based on the value of the behaviour. For example, visitors to a WilliamsWarn product page are exhibiting better buying behaviour than visitors to the ‘Our Story’ page. Because behavioural scoring identifies a prospects readiness to buy, it allowed us to serve offers to the right audience at the right time.

Solution: the right audience to the right offers at the right time

Among our biggest wins was including an “immediate lead” checkbox to progressive profiling forms. Using this checkbox accelerates MQLs and triggers an automated early offer to quickly generate conversion. This has added about one extra unit sold each day.

Looking at the big picture, our sales enablement work has helped WilliamsWarn follow a process that moves leads from marketing-qualified to transaction at scale. Leads no longer get lost in the funnel, because we built in opportunities to segment leads along the way.

With a stronger lead-management process in place, the team at WilliamsWarn are in a great position to generate more revenue through direct channels, nurture a one-to-one relationship with the customer, up-sell ingredients to equipment purchasers, and continue growing the business.

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